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Trend survey “Games in Companies”

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Gender-based research design at the human-machine interface

Generally, research on the interface to people is gender-relevant. Research in the HCI-area is therefore the central topic of gender-relevant technological research.

Biological differences between the genders only play a marginal role for the human-machine interface as opposed to projects in the biomedical area. Thus, gender specific differences have to be observed critically. Instead of setting the focus on differences, it should be set on diverse factors which consider different realities of life and socialization processes. Dorothea Erharter shows, based on GEMPLAY and other research projects in the area of gender & technology, how a gender-inclusive research design at the human-technology interface can be conceptualized. She attempts to filter out the methods which are HCI relevant and tested in her own projects from the broad range of suggestions for gender-inclusive research design. Furthermore, she edits the selected methods and processes them so they are understandable.

Erharter, Dorothea (2015): Gendergerechtes Forschungsdesign an der Schnittstelle Mensch – Technik. In: Pielot, Martin, Diefenbach, Sarah & Henze, Niels (Hrsg). Mensch & Computer – Tagungsbände / Proceedings 2015. De Gryer. Berlin. ISBN 978-3-11-044334-9. E-Book (Open Access):

Talk about Gender-based Research Design at “Mensch & Computer”

A central aspect in the GEMPLAY project is the question how to include gender and diversity in the research and design process of persuasive games to promote physical activity. Dorothea Erhardter from ZIMD – Zentrum für Interaktion, Medien und soziale Diversität published an article at the “Mensch & Computer” conference about gender-based research design at the interface between people and technology. She will give a presentation on Tuesday, 8.9.2015 at 16.30 in Stuttgart, Germany.


Talk about User Research in GEMPLAY

User Research is a first important step in the user centered design of interactive technologies, products and services. The goal of user research with scientific methods is to get insights and knowledge about the situations and contexts in which new products and services are used. The insights and knowledge can be used to adapt these to individual user needs, values and characteristics and to ensure market success of new products and services. Marc Busch from AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – Business Unit Technology Experience – ( will give an overview over scientifically grounded user research methods in a talk on the 30th of June. The talk will be at the event „What’s (y)our Story, Digital City Vienna?“ of the Vienna Business Agency ( Especially, the useful and practical method “Contextual Inquiry” for service and product design in a user centered manner will be presented. Examples, in which projects “Contextual Inquiry” has been successfully applied stem from current research and industrial projects in the areas information security ( and health promotion (

Talk about Persuasive Technology @ Uberall App Congress

Persuasive Technologies and Apps to change human behavior have the power to solve serious societal challenges and to support human values. Examples are environmental pollution, waste of natural resources, health problems and information insecurity. From an industrial perspective, persuasive interaction is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to increase conversion rates of customers. In a talk at the Uberall Annual App Congress in Vienna on 10th of June 2015 (, Marc Busch from the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH ( will share insights and how-to’s on the design of personalized persuasive interactions. Examples and best practices are taken from research and industrial projects (; of the business unit Technology Experience @ AIT, which offers specialized services for creating persuasive interactions, technologies and apps for various domains.

The Internet of Things (IoT) from a user perspective

Marc Busch, Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH ( will present trends and developments as well as case studies regarding user interaction and interface approaches in the IoT. What is important when designing user interfaces for the Internet of Things? What is the role of human values (e.g. privacy, trust) in the IoT?
The talk is hosted by the Internet of Things Group Vienna and will take place on 6th of may from 18:30 to 22:00 at StockWerk, Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150, Vienna.

Find more information here:

Futurezone Article

Futurezone, a popular technology online magazine in Austria, wrote an article about our project with title: “GEMPLAY: Wie Spiele Mann und Frau zum Sport motivieren”.

Follow the link below: