The Internet of Things (IoT) from a user perspective

Marc Busch, Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH ( will present trends and developments as well as case studies regarding user interaction and interface approaches in the IoT. What is important when designing user interfaces for the Internet of Things? What is the role of human values (e.g. privacy, trust) in the IoT?
The talk is hosted by the Internet of Things Group Vienna and will take place on 6th of may from 18:30 to 22:00 at StockWerk, Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150, Vienna.

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Futurezone Article

Futurezone, a popular technology online magazine in Austria, wrote an article about our project with title: “GEMPLAY: Wie Spiele Mann und Frau zum Sport motivieren”.

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Talk at IoT Vienna

Can intelligent sensors and technologies, which are embedded in our environment, help us to have a better life? Can they, for example, persuade us to do more sports or to eat healthier?

Marc Busch from the GEMPLAY project will dedicate his talk on the 4th of February about persuasive technologies in the Internet of Things to this question.

Picture of Marc Busch

For more information go to: IoT Talks February 2015: Special Wearable Technologies

Survey finished and raffle

The GEMPLAY-team is pleased about 656 participants in the survey regarding video games and physical activity!

As a thank-you 30 Amazon vouchers worth 15 Euro were raffled. The winners were already notified by e-mail.

GEMPLAY survey

The intense cooperation between all project partners over the past months, led to the first partial success in the GEMPLAY project. An online-survey to empirically gather data regarding video games and physical activity was designed and implemented.

All of you (proficient in German) have the possibility to participate in the survey and thus help us by answering the questions to gain important scientific insights.

Answering the survey takes about 20 minutes and your support should not be unrewarded. You can win one of 30 Amazon vouchers worth 15 Euro, after completing the survey.

Start the survey


Cooperation with Rita Orji, PhD

The GEMPLAY team is pleased to announce, that we could win international support for the research project in the domains persuasive technology, gamer types and gender.

Rita Orji completed her PhD in computer science at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and is currently working as researcher at the Yale University. Her recent publications focus on the effect of persuasive strategies on different gender-groups and were presented for example on the 9th international conference on persuasive technology (PERSUASIVE 2014).

Cooperating with Rita Orji enables GEMPLAY to build on the experience and know-how of a renowned researcher in the following areas:

  • Persuasive Technology,
  • Persuasive Games,
  • Technology and Health,
  • User Centered Design und
  • User Experience

Ms. Orji will accompany and support the research project in several phases. The whole GEMPLAY team is looking forward to the cooperation and the constructive exchange of knowledge.

Project kick-off

On July 17 the representatives of AIT, ZIMD, FH Upper Austria and SimpliFlow met for the kick-off at the premises of AIT in Vienna. The focus of the meeting was to get to know the participating organisations, their competencies and the involved people. The interdisciplinarity of the project partners und their representatives ensured interesting discussions and inspired information exchange from the beginning.

Also, the project’s content and goals were revived in the course of the first meeting. The following key aspects for the development of gender-sensitive game concepts for motivating physical activity were restated:

  • Conduction of empirical studies
  • Creation of user types and personas
  • Generation of structural models
  • Evaluation of game concepts
  • Definition of design guidelines

The procedure of the research project and the relationship between the defined work packages are summarized in the following figure.

Project structure with 5 work packages

The research team of all project partners is looking forward to a successful cooperation, the achievement of the research goals and further exiting discussions.