AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The AIT is Austria´s largest non-university research institute, specialist on research and development activities of technologies, techniques and tools of key infrastructure solutions of the future. Within the Business Unit Technology Experience (Department Innovation Systems), an experienced and interdisciplinary research team deals among other things with the development of innovative interface designs and games as well as persuasive technologies. Users are involved in all phases of development and social, emotional as well as ergonomic requirements are considered, to adapt information technology to the needs of the users. AIT’s philosophy is characterized by a gender-sensitive and diversity specific corporate culture.




ZIMD – Centre for interaction, media and social diversity

The association ZIMD does research in the field of Gender, Diversity and Stereotyping as well as the peaceful solution of conflicts. Since its foundation ZIMD has been participating in research projects about Gender and Technology. ZIMD consists of an interdisciplinary team with employees from the fields of architecture, computer science and social economy. ZIMD was founded in 2005 and is lead in a gender-balanced way. Both members of the management have experience in teaching activities at home and abroad.



FH Oberösterreich PIE

FH OÖ / Playful Interactive Environments Research Group

As one of the four campuses of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the School of Informatics, Communications and Media is also an integral part of the internationally renowned Softwarepark Hagenberg. The research group Playful Interactive Environments (PIE) is situated within the Digital Media department and focuses on the design, development and evaluation of innovative games and interactive installations.




SimpliFlow GmbH

SimpliFlow is specialised on sport scientific knowledge management as well as ambient assisted solutions. Its core product named Flow Competitive Sports focuses on custom movement, training- as well as rehabilitation programs for all age levels and enables rapid automated generation of such programs on a plethora of devices. Additionally to Flow Competitive Sports, SimpliFlow works in the ambient assisted domain, by providing several solutions in this sector including nationwide research projects for supporting and monitoring cognitive disabled elderly persons, vital parameter monitoring as well as activity recognition and support. As a technology-focused company, SimpliFlow uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop web-based as well as mobile applications for the mentioned domains and relies on several highly experienced employees in these development fields.